Equine Science

Equine Science is an advanced science-based course designed to introduce students to the production and management of horses. Students will understand industry and scientific terminology, analyze and identify external anatomy and internal body systems and physiology, including: nutritional needs, reproduction methods and processes, genetic influence, health, disease, and facility management. Students will use species-specific evaluation and selection methods. Students will revise career and educational goals, and evaluate their plan for achievement, enhance personal, leadership, and career skills and continue progress in individual Supervised Agriculture Experience Programs, maintain records through the online record keeping system, and evaluate program progress based on records. Students will be involved in the FFA leadership organization.


Course Subject
Course Number
CTE 9325
Grade Level
Course Duration
1 Semester
Course Credit
Intro to Agriscience CTE 9302
Course Fee
$10.00 FFA Membership - required by state