Exploration of Healthcare

This is one of two introductory courses within the Health Science Pathway and consists of content from two FRCC classes. This course will cover the history, employee characteristics, computers, and legal and ethical issues within the industry, and students will be able to explore the numerous careers within the industry as well. They will also learn the computer technology, file management, and PC system components used in healthcare settings as well as the word processing, spreadsheets, and personal information management software used. It introduces the Electronic Health Record (EHR), its content, EHR software, EHR management, patient management and scheduling, and privacy and security of the EHR.  Lastly, students will learn and apply the legal concepts utilized in medical careers, which will establish a foundation for ethical behavior and decision-making.

FRCC: HPR 106 - Law & Ethics for Health Professions & HPR 119 - Computers in Health Care
**These are Front Range Community College classes taught at CDC with concurrent credit attached which require a separate enrollment and registration process for all students.**



Course Subject
Course Number
CTE 9515
Grade Level
Course Duration
1 Semester
Course Credit
Course Fee
$10.00 HOSA Membership