Prostart I

ProStart gives students a platform to discover new career opportunities by providing hands-on training and relevant industry experience.  This nationally certified, competency-based program covers all facets of the hospitality industry and includes instruction in food preparation, lodging, customer service, and business management.  By completing ProStart Level 1, students master fundamental management and culinary skills needed for success – like leadership, accountability, teamwork and responsibility.  Skill areas will include, but are not limited to: Communication, Interviewing & Resumes, Industry Careers, Customer Service, Workplace and Food Safety, Fruits & Veggies, Stocks, Sauces, & Soups, Cooking Methods, and Potatoes & Grains. Students rotate through production and service stations while serving the community at the Sunset Cafe, our on-site restaurant, and will be able to earn the ServSafe Food Handler Certification. 

MSU: RST 1550 - Food Fundamentals  **This is a Metropolitan State University class taught at CDC with concurrent credit attached and requires a separate enrollment and registration process for all students.

*Industry certificate available

Course Number
CTE 9672
Grade Level
Course Duration
2 Semesters
Course Credit
Course Fee
$50.00 Miscellaneous - Chef Kit