Welding and Fabrication II

Welding and Fabrication II students will have the opportunity to refine what they learned in Level I as well as become proficient in more advanced welding processes such as SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW.  Students will practice utilizing the various positions associated with each, and demonstrate proficiency through both visual and destructive testing techniques. In addition, they will identify welding symbols on drawings, read detail drawings, identify physical characteristics and mechanical properties of metal, explain pre and post heating of metals, and identify equipment and filler metals utilized in these processes.  Through the course of the year, students will have the opportunity to create more advanced welding projects for the community as well as engage in the SkillsUSA student organization, which incorporates leadership, service learning, and competitions to demonstrate skill level attainment.

FRCC WEL 104, & WEL 110  **These are Front Range Community College classes taught at CDC and require a separate enrollment and registration process for all students.**

*Industry Certificate available

Course Subject
Course Number
CTE 9911
Grade Level
Course Duration
2 Semesters
Course Credit
Welding and Fabrication I CTE 9901
Course Fee
$20.00 Welding gloves, tape measure