Andres Garcia Mares


            3rd year teaching welding (post-secondary) at Pickens Technical College

            9 years welding experience

            5 years structural welding for Iron Hammer INC. GMAW/SMAW

            AWS certified on 6G pipe 6010/7018 SMAW

            AWS certified on 6G pipe ER70S-2/7018 GTAW/SMAW

            AWS certified on 4G ¾” plate E71T-1 FCAW

            AWS certified on 3G ¾” plate ER70S-6 GMAW


            AWS level 1 welding certificate

            AWS combination welding certificate

            Pickens Technical college welding course graduate 2017


            Have own welder and weld on Stainless steel and aluminium on my own time with the GTAW process